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ELSA’ STYLE: I’d say my style is East meets West. I am based in Los Angeles and Shanghai (Shanghai is pretty much like New York in every aspect), both cities have a great impact on my wearing style. I also created a term “modest chic” to describe my style. I embrace every style, from bohemian to grunge, but I  always manage to tone down the special/trendy elements to create more minimalist and practical looks. My friends in LA think that I am very New York while my friends in Shanghai think my style is totally LA. They are both right.  
INSPIRATION: I travel a lot, architecture and culture inspire me the most, every city is interesting in its own way, there’s always something new. It’s also about the state of mind while traveling, about the freedom you have, the curious eyes you bring with you, and a big heart (bigger than when you are not traveling) that opens to anything unknown.
WHAT COMES TO MIND WHEN YOU THINK OF “PLAYFUL FASHION?”: Susie Bubble. She is more often than not quite over the top though, but it’s really fun to look at what she wears and writes. To stay true to my “modest” style, I do “playful” in small doses, be it mix of feminine and boyish, mix of textures, something fuzzy or just a Phillip Lim trench coat that has a special silhouette, it’s in the details.
HOW DO YOU BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN WORK AND PLAY AND HOW DO YOU INFUSE PLAYFULNESS IN YOUR PASSIONS? Anything I do, I do it with passion or not at all. So for me work is play, there’s no gap in between. When I am not at work, I like to go out and explore the city. I am especially good at finding secret spots that are even off the radar of local residents. I mention this all the time in my blog, I am really proud of it.
WHAT IS ONE QUESTION YOU WISH PEOPLE ASKED YOU MORE OFTEN? “What is your favorite blog?” The answer will always be: Tales of Endearment. If you don’t read it, read it! You’ll find inspiring stories of unknown stylish people around the world, amazing photography, genuinely creative lifestyle that might just be your dream come true. I feel like no one reads any blog any more, thanks to Instagram. We spend too much time on our phone and think that we get enough information out of it, but we don’t.  


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